Carol Weis works part-time for Sun Energy Power International (SunEPI) and Solar Energy International (SEI). She is a Certified Master PV Trainer by the Institute of Sustainable Power & Quality, she has her PV Installer Certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and she has worked as a licensed electrician and solar installer in Colorado. For over a decade, Carol has been leading SEI’s PV technical team creating a world class PV curriculum for a mainly U.S. market. That curriculum, which was originally created to train technicians, is now being used to train community college professors in a “train-the-trainer” program and the materials are licensed to colleges to start renewable energy programs throughout the country. Carol’s technical curriculum experience encompasses off-grid, grid-direct, and grid-tied with battery back-up systems, she has co-authored SEI’s Photovoltaic Design and Installation textbook with full lesson plans, and has additionally co-designed a model lab teaching facility.

Carol is comfortable teaching in front of diverse audiences from high level technicians, end users, decision makers, home owners, school kids, women-only classes, different cultures, and non-technical people.

Carol began working with SunEPI to bring that same rigor of producing a high quality train-the-trainer program to the developing world. Carol has done international work in Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Haiti.



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