Project Summaries:


Summer 2009   

In the summer of 2009, SunEPI accompanied a team led by Kirk Moulton to the high mountains of Tibet to support his project to bring improved health care, and energy to the communities surrounding Raktrul, Tibet.

Kirk, along with Sharon Lang and Don Dyer organized the trip.  Kirk is an acupuncturist from Chicago, and Sharon is a nurse.  Don is a man of many talents and on this trip helped with the solar projects, as well as lots of carpentry to support the new clinic.

Solar Projects that SunEPI completed include:

A new clinic.

An orphanage / school.

A community center in a nearby village.

Lighting for a Nunnery and Temple

Lighting and energy for a Monastery




Kirk’s support team


Solar power systems for various facilities in Raktrul, Tibet


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