Inverter Basics

              Christopher Freitas; Home Power magazine (Dec/Jan 2009-2010)


Take Advantage of Solar Incentives    

              Mo Rousso; Home Power magazine (Dec/Jan 2009-2010)

A Brighter Future

            Megan Garrity, NEED Humanitarian Magazine (No. 5, 2008)

Whose Fortune is at the Bottom of the Pyramid?

            Dipti Vaghela, Switzer Fellow 2008

Robert D Kaplan: Lifting the Bamboo Curtain

            Atlantic Monthly (September 2008)

             An article about one man’s humanitarian efforts in Burma

Salinee Tavaranan: Power Ranger

              Dean Adams; Article from IEEE Spectrum about Partner BGET (February 2008)

Solar Electricity for the Developing World: Guidelines for Getting Involved 

                Walt Ratterman; Home Power magazine (June/July 2007)


Watch Grady Semmens’ video story documenting our recent Papua New Guinea first-aid post project!

Press Releases:

Border Green Energy Team (BGET) is awarded the Energy Globe World Award at Prague for their work on the Thai Burmese border. (March 2009)

SunEnergy Power Corporation Names Walt Ratterman CEO of Nonprofit Organization

              SEPI Press Release   (February 2008)


Adrian Belic's award-winning film, Beyond the Call (featuring our Knightsbridge)

now available as DVD!


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SunEnergy Power International, along with PA Consulting and USAID is in the kick-off stages of a multi-year, multi country project aimed at improving access to reliable energy for Health Care facilities in remote locations. Find out how to Join Us!


Partner organization, BGET, which was co-founded by SunEPI’s Walt Ratterman, was recently awarded the prestigious Energy Globe Award!

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