It is the mission of SunEnergy Power International to promote an increased quality of life in remote, rural regions of the world through the use of renewable energy.

SunEPI concentrates on some of the more difficult areas of the world: difficult due to either remoteness or geopolitical conditions in the area. Our projects are driven by what our clients tell us their needs are, and most often focus on basic life essentials such as delivery of health systems and delivery of water.

We believe that these goals can only be achieved by teaching the people we work with how to design, install, and maintain the systems, so that they will last. Therefore, a huge amount of our work is the actual training, and then the supervision of the project implementations.

We believe that these goals can best be achieved by partnering with other organizations who have developed particular expertise in the various geographic areas that are so important to these goals. All of our collective interests are then multiplied. We actively collaborate with many of these groups. (See Partners.)

We believe that our donors' funds should be, to the greatest extent possible, utilized for direct project costs in the countries where we work. This requires creativity in how we are organized and funded. (See Organization & Funding.)


Mission Statement

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