SunEnergy Power International, along with PA Consulting and USAID is in the kick-off stages of a multi-year, multi country project aimed at improving access to reliable energy for Health Care facilities in remote locations, and…

We invite you to be part of this exciting project!

We cordially invite you as manufacturers and donors to partner with us in this excellent opportunity to allow your organization to play a meaningful role to improve the quality of life for people throughout the developing world through renewable energy.

Initial target countries are:

Haiti, Rwanda, Zambia, Guyana, and Ethiopia.

Recent Energy for Health Fund work in Haiti

SunEPI has been implementing trainings and projects in over two dozen countries, built on the principles of:


  1. Partnerships: We bring together multiple donors and like-minded manufacturers who want to be part of remote energy projects to help people in the developing world, but who have been cautious due to concerns over the procedure, quality of work, or sustainability of the project.

  1. Training: Training is a key to all of our projects. Local technicians, contractors, and entrepreneurs are trained in the design, maintenance, and installation of renewable energy projects.

  1. Quality Installations: SunEPI strives to complete all of its projects in accordance with good wiring practices and designed to meet the environments in which the systems are installed.

Concept of the Energy for Health Fund:

As an example, on projects where our partners provide funding or goods to cover the main equipment items (inverters, batteries, solar panels, charge controllers), we could be able to cover the additional costs of implementation (logistics, training, local labor and materials) with the USAID participation. This will generally result in a 50-50 split.

The Partnership will provide multiple opportunities for you as manufacturers and donors to be part of quality, renewable energy projects throughout the world, knowing that you are not alone in providing funds or equipment, and confident that the projects will be completed professionally.  We are now establishing an “Energy for Health” fund that will allow manufacturers and donors to provide monetary contributions and/or commitments of equipment for specific projects.

For more information, please contact Christopher Freitas of SunEnergy Power International at Please view examples of projects through More information about the Powering Health Initiative of USAID is available at


Energy for Health Fund

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