Village Health Works, in Kigutu, Burundi, is in its early stages of a multi-year program to become a premiere teaching/health care facility. SELF is leading a project to provide Village Health Works with a solar power system for the current and future electricity needs.  SunEPI is providing consulting, installation, and training services to SELF’s program. They started seeing patients on an outpatient basis in December, 2007, and their building program is well under way. Village Health Works is not on the electric grid and will depend on solar/diesel hybrid systems to power its facility. SunEPI is providing consulting, implementation, and training services, and has just completed the first solar installment this May.

Project Summaries:


May 2009

January 2008   


Training, Installation



Solar Electric Light Fund

Solar Electric Light Fund   


10 Kwp Solar Installation

Review work for electrification of Village

Health Works/Partners in Health hospital


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